The wonder of wreaths

On an occasion where we traditionally wear black, the vivid bursts of colour from funeral designs shine brighter than ever. This encompasses the beauty of flowers in general for me – they bring light to the darkest of moments, and effortlessly so.

Although wreaths can look equally as beautiful at other events, I’m going to be writing about funerals in this post.

The word ‘funeral’ probably makes you not look forward to reading on but the point is, the flowers mark the sense of celebration, the love, and the kindness of the people there. They resemble everything good in human relationships.

So you should read on.

Choosing the flowers

The first time I ever did my own arrangement outside of the classroom was when my Grandma passed away. It went without saying that I would do a wreath, as these are one of the simplest designs and look absolutely beautiful.

I knew that most people would choose pinks and purples (she was a Grandma after all!), but I knew she loved yellow so I went for something a little different. Being her favourite flower, freesias were a no-brainer. Accompanied with small roses and chrysanthemums for the fillers, and joyously yellow germini for the focals, my white and yellow colour scheme was in place. Finished off with pistache for the foliage, the foam wreath was ready to decorate.

Foam floristry wreath with white and yellow flowers
Ready for lift-off!

After soaking the foam and fluffing out the base with sprigs of pistache (which was a dream to work with – you get so much from just a few branches), I marked five holes with a left-over twig evenly around the circle for where I wanted each focal to go. After I was happy with their placement, it didn’t take long to fill in the rest with dainty roses, simple chrysanths, and delicate freesias with their elegant buds trailing behind.

Yellow and white funeral wreath
The yellow germini look like sunshines

I find working with foam highly therapeutic. I often find myself thinking about something entirely different, letting my creativity do the work.

Admittedly, I had Loose Women on in the background so my deep, intellectual thinking was somewhat limited! But when I was focused on this design, I was thinking about how far I had come with my floristry, how pleased I was with my first solo design and most importantly, how proud my Grandma would have been.

It’s all for her, and it’s all because of her.

My wreath was a real talking point at the funeral with its glorious sunshines of germini and sweet-smelling freesias. I’m so glad I chose to do it by myself, just as my Grandma would have wanted.

Emily x

P.s I have no idea what the teeny fluffy white filler flowers are in this design so if someone could remind me, that would be fab!

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