Hearts, Roses and… Moss

Being Valentine’s week it doesn’t take a genius to work out what this class’s theme would be…

My favourite and I suppose my speciality, is foam designs. From circular bases to bouquets I love working with it. It gives me so much freedom to play with the structure of each arrangement and I find it really relaxing to just ‘poke-and-go’ as it were!

So you can imagine my delight when I walked into our lovely classroom in the middle of the Barcombe countryside to find a large, green foam heart base waiting to blossom into Valentine’s glory.

“I’m not doing a demo today, I want you all to just run with it and do whatever you like. Go contemporary, go classic – whatever you want.” Laura’s words instantly triggered a whirlwind of ideas in my mind. How do I see this design looking? Am I in the mood for symmetry or something a bit different?

I decided I’d go down the contemporary path.

After pinning the base with moss – which always creates a wonderful Midsummer Night’s Dream feel, I was ready to let my creativity loose.

I trailed rows of deep red and pink roses to create paths of interest and saved the blousiest blooms as the centrepiece for focal clusters. Using small groups of tulips to compliment the roses and finishing it off with bursts of carnation and wild ivy berries, the overall look of the heart was complete.

But it was missing that bit of oomph I was looking for. And Laura agreed.

She took the carnation stems that I’d thrown in the bin and snipped off some of the leaves and hey presto – she’d found what I was looking for! I peppered a few shoots throughout like tiny pastel green fireworks and my Valentine’s heart was done!

The wild ivy berries add a new shade and texture.

What I loved about this class was that we all ended up with completely different designs. Our varied imaginations just show how versatile and unique floristry can be, plus my boyfriend loved his Valentine’s present (or perhaps he’s just a good actor…)!

Emily x


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