Mother’s Day

Originally from London, I ventured back home for Mother’s Day weekend – making sure I left enough space in my suitcase for a small block of oasis, pot tape, and a plastic container.

I’ve swiftly learned that I can no longer get away with buying a pre-made bouquet from the local florist or god-forbid the supermarket! So I returned home prepared to whip up a flowery storm in new territory – Mum’s kitchen.

I sourced most of the flowers from the market outside our local train station – which of course had transformed into a candyfloss-eqsue cloud of Mother’s Day madness. So I had little choice but to go for the classic pink and lilac shades that could only signify such an occasion.

I chose two small bunches of lilac and white freesias, a gorgeous selection of dusty pink roses, classic gypsophila (the perfect filler), and one of my favourites – lisianthus. I love the softness of their petals, the vibrant bursts of yellow from the stamen hidden within, and the delicate swirl of their buds – they’re a dream.

Mum suggested we add in some pink germini for good measure, which I was unsure of – but they ended up being the star of the show. Thanks Mum!

I made good use of the garden for the foliage and had leaves aplenty for forming the primary dome structure of what was to be a medium-sized table decoration.

Once we got chatting as we always do, before I knew it I’d pretty much filled it out with open blooms complemented with freesia buds and elegant polka dots of gypsophila.

Mother's Day flowers
The lisianthus buds bring this design to life.

Mum was made up with the finished result and it took pride of place on her dining table for the weekend. We then paid a visit to my Grandma’s grave and laid it there – I can just hear her saying now with a sniff of the freesias (her favourite), “That’s lovely dear, that’ll go nicely on the table.”

Emily x

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