Ohh that’s what it’s called! #1

We’ve all had that moment right?

In the world of floristry, if you don’t know the name of a flower and you don’t have a picture – the process of finding that information is a tumultuous, emotional rollercoaster that I don’t like.

Thus, I’ve started the ‘Ohh that’s what it’s called!’ series to share my lightbulb moments with you, and you never know, you might learn a few names too. Don’t worry, I won’t go all Latin on you, some of these names are complicated enough and I’m not gonna be that guy. Plus, I don’t know any of them nor do I care.

This week I have not one, not two, but THREE new flowers that I’ve learned the name of.

Drum rollllllll….


The delicate, starry shape of Astrantia make for the perfect filler flower.



It’s hard to believe that this grows naturally. It looks like something from Hobbycraft!



I love how fluffy these are, almost like a luxurious Stock. I really want to use this one soon.

Pink Astilbe


That completes this week’s list, who knows what mystical floral wonders I’ll have discovered next week!

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