Step-by-step: Floral Basket

My favourite time to get stuck in to arranging flowers is when it’s a gift for someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I love covering my flat in blooms ‘just because’, but you just can’t beat the feeling of handing your creation over for someone else to enjoy.

So I was over the moon when a good friend of mine asked if I could arrange a basket for her Mum’s birthday. Not only was I honoured, but I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to do my first step-by-step guide to basket designs!

I hope you enjoy…

Step 1: Choosing the flowers

(Roll your mouse over the images for flower names)

Although I had been given a ‘pink’ brief, I really wanted to try using at least one new flower for this arrangement, and thanks to Fayes wholesalers in Brighton, I was in luck! I was like a kid in a sweet shop weighing myself down with bunch after bunch of beautiful flowers. I was out of control!

I was really pleased to find some eryngium (thistle) as I love its subtle lilac hues and the punchy texture they add to a design.

I had to have a bunch of fountain grass as I knew just a few fluffy sprigs would add delicate volume along with some eucalyptus – an old classic. Plus a few white veronica and ranunculus – a new favourite since last week’s Spring boxes.

Once I’d chosen the germini with a unique blend of soft pink and white, I just couldn’t resist those stunning calla lilies. Their smooth waterfall-esque shape and subtle fade of colour shone above the rest. If they were people, they’d be Kate Middleton.

Step 2: Prep

Whilst the foam was in soak (ideally for 20 minutes or so), I separated the flowers, snipped off a good selection of eucalyptus cuttings and trimmed some of the long, straggly leaves on the fountain grass.

Step 3: Foliage

All foam designs begin with foliage. Why? Because you need lots of it – normally more than you think, and it’s the perfect way to build a framework with which to build out and structure the focal flowers.

I placed eucalyptus evenly around the edges of the foam to outline the size of the design and filled in the gaps with the grass.

Step 4: Focals

Once the basic framework was complete, it was time for the main event – the focals. I started with the calla lillies to create the flowing pattern that they naturally lend themselves to and complimented this with bursts of the gorgeous germini.

White basket, calla lilies, germini, foliage

Step 5: Fillers

I think this might be my favourite part as this is when the design really comes together. Making good use of the blousy ranunculus to fill in gaps, and bold eryngium and veronica for oomph it wasn’t long before the basket had blossomed into the arrangement I had envisioned.

So there it is, my five step guide to floral basket bliss! I’d love to know if you found it helpful, so do pop a comment below.

Or if you’re a fellow Brightonian and would like a basket for yourself, feel free to contact me and I’m sure we can ‘arrange’ something – see what I did there? 😉

Emily x

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