Step-by-step: Table Centrepiece

It’s been three whole weeks since my last arrangement as I’ve been a busy bee jetting off to Prague and taking my mum to Kew Gardens – both of which were fantastic, and didn’t disappoint with the flowers.

Prague has some beautiful florists hidden in tiny Aladdin’s cave shops where you have to duck to get in, and we timed our trip to Kew perfectly as it was in full spring mode – I even saw my first peonies of the year!

But as great as the past few weekends have been, it was lovely to get back into the floristry swing with this table centrepiece for one of my closest friends.

The brief was something along the lines of, “I’m staying in a house with a huge banquet table and I’d like something to decorate it.” As one does, darling!

It’s not been too long since I did a long table centrepiece, so I was more than happy to oblige…

Step 1: Choosing the flowers

(Roll your mouse over the images for flower names)

I didn’t really have a strict brief for the choice of flowers, so I decided to just get to the wholesalers and let the selection there inspire me.

My colour scheme of peachy pinks and white was pretty much set as soon as I saw the gorgeous pastel shades of the chrysanthemums. After that I had to pick up a bunch of hypericum – I knew its pink pearly berries would complement the focals perfectly while adding texture too.

I then chose the beautifully elegant white roses and waxflower – one of my favourite fillers, and eucalyptus gunnii for the foliage. All in all – a very happy mix of blooms!

Step 2: Prep

Whilst the foam was soaking I used this time to prep the candles. Firstly, I cut six 0.7mm wires in half and bent each half into kirby grip-like shapes – these pin the candles into the foam securely.

Using pot tape, I secured 4 grips evenly around the base of each of the three candles. I actually ended up trimming the wire down by a few centimetres as they were a little too long for the foam base.

Once the foam was soaked through, I sliced it in half length-ways to slot each half side by side in the rectangular plastic base. I then taped the foam in at three separate points and fixed the candles evenly into place.

Candles in foam base
Candles in the foam base

Step 3: Foliage

Prep finished, then it was onto the good bit!

I always worry with foliage that I’ve never got enough as there just seems like so much foam to cover – especially when you insert the first cutting and it just looks so pathetic and lonely! Needless to say I had plenty, and the eucalyptus gunnii did a wonderful job of filling out the base, covering the edges and adding shape to the design.

Eucalyptus gunnii in foam base
Foliage – done!

Step 4: Focals

Now for some colour!

I began by cutting the biggest flower heads from my chrysanthemum bunch to use as the focals which I placed evenly but randomly across the base, weaving them between the three candles.

Eucalyptus and Chrysanthemum base
Adding some colour with the focals

Step 5: Fillers

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, adding the fillers is my favourite part! I love zoning out and just letting the design come into its own with trails of colour and texture forming in all sorts of places.

I grouped together some of the white roses for them to create more of an impact, and cut the waxflower at varying lengths to carry the eye across and add volume to the design. The rosemary-esque stems of the wax were also ideal for adding little bursts of height.

Pink and white floral table centrepiece with candles
Ta daaa!

It was so lovely to work with such versatile flowers for this design, and my love of eucalyptus seemingly knows no bounds – I just hope it does the banquet table justice!

If you have any opinions or questions, or perhaps you’d like one of these for yourself, I’d love for you to get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to help and share the flowery joy!



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  1. Deborah Rosser says:

    Absolutely beautiful Emily x


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