The Honest Florist

I’m Emily, also known as The Honest Florist, and I’m head over heels in love with flowers. Literally all of them.

In 2015 after completing my degree, I signed myself up to a beginner’s floristry course in the middle of the East Sussex countryside, and I loved it. Four courses later, here I am – experimenting with new arrangements and working with all sorts of flowers as much as possible.

But by no means is that to say that I’m the next Paula Pryke! I’ve got a long way to go, so I’m documenting all of my experiments and learnings here in the only way I know how – with honesty!

Because bushes are for foliage, not beating around!

So you’ll hear about arrangements that have gone well, and those not so well. Plus all sorts of silly bits in between. You might even learn a few tips with my step-by-step guides for some of my favourite designs.

Or if you’re local in Brighton and in need of an arrangement yourself – feel free to contact me as it’s about time I shared some of the flower power!